Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Invest at market bottom

Hi guys the market touched a bottom of 10,527 in October 2008. Hold on for another six months and let the stock market bottom to 9,000. Thereafter purchase energy and infrastructure stocks like ONGC, L&T, Punj lloyd, etc....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Purchase stocks after 3-4 months

  • Hi guys its a nice time to purchase stocks. Most of the stocks have become 1/3rd the price from the high in Jan 2008. The market is expected to bottom to 8,000 in the coming few months.
  • Thus maintain a pause on the pockets before investing. Continue your SIP's as you will gain. You can calculate the gain if you have invested in the falling market.
  • However, if you have inested in a bullish market and your portfolio has become 1/3rd. Don't fret wait till 6-9 months till the market recovers.
  • So all those cash rich people go ahead "purchase" is the key word.....